We are a team of technology enthusiasts

We realize for our partners mechanical parts and automation systems

We are a team of technology enthusiasts

Who we are

We are the partner you need for your project to take the form of the design that you dreamed of.

We have worked together as a team for over 9 years, and  have produced over 200,000 mechanical parts for our clients.

From a business that started in a basement, our company has grown and now has 45 people that specialize in automation – they are here to successfully provide solutions to even your most challenging projects.


Your project becomes our project too. The partnership and services that we offer are based on one simple principle: we want to offer you the most efficient and best solution for your project.

The parts that you need, whether it is a mechanical part, an automation system, or an electronic device, you’ll find it with us.

Find out more about our services, and let us find the best solution for your projects.

Delcase flexibility

We know that the needs of the automotive industry companies have become more specific. Automation needs to be custom-made and to also solve problems related to production efficiency.

Our products are tailor-made to the needs of our clients.

The parts we produce are custom-made to the design given to us.

Come and meet us!

At Delcase we try and keep the most friendly work environment for us and all our customers. Great projects are not the result of stress, but of dedication.

If you have a passion for automation, a project or even just a prototype idea, tell us about it and let`s work together to make it a reality.

Come and meet us! Our coffee robot will make you a refreshing hot drink, and our green terrace is waiting to hear about your new projects and exciting ideas.