We are a team of technology enthusiasts

We realize for our partners mechanical parts and automation systems

We are a team of technology enthusiasts


Each partnership we make with a customer is a new opportunity to get better at what we do.

We use every opportunity with both clients and our employees to improve what we do, and grow in passion and professional standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients products, services and production processes of a high standard of quality.

We want to be the kind of partner that understands your requirements when it comes to automation, equipment, and mechanical parts.

We pride our flexibility. We believe that each project needs its own timeline to ensure final quality so that we can match your global production process needs.

The parts you need from us will always be there on time!


Our Vision

We want to grow and become a Technology Hub, where experts and passionate people can develop projects and automation prototypes in order to make production processes more efficient.

Delcase are partners with our clients.

We do our best for each project because we know that a perfect product is made out of perfect parts.

Delcase values

When working with us, we can guarantee that your parts order will be manufactured using the standards and quality requested, and delivered on time.

We live in a dynamic and busy world that requires the relevant project attention. So we offer our clients a flexible service to guarantee the best delivery time for completed projects.

We create solutions for unforeseen problems so that projects can be finished successfully.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re dedicated to the projects that we take on.

Delcase project history

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We've made over 200,000 parts
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We have around 800 clients and suppliers
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We completed around 4,800 orders last year

The parts you need for your project are here, at Delcase!

Contact us and tell us about your project.

We produce the parts you need, when you need them!