We are a team of technology enthusiasts

We realize for our partners mechanical parts and automation systems

We are a team of technology enthusiasts

We offer a wide range of services. What we provide for our clients are not standard products, but tailor-made solutions for the parts they require to build their projects.

Products and services

  • Industrial automation
  • Robotic processes
  • Small one-off mechanical parts
  • Ranges of mechanical parts
  • Electronic devices and equipment
  • Parts made from sillicon, rubber, resins etc.
  • Parts made from synthetic materials
  • Laser-cutting and engraving
  • High pressure water-jet cutting
  • Thermal treatment (hardening, browning, nitrating)
  • Surface treatment (anodising, powder-coating)
  • 3D printing on hard surfaces

Step 1

Please get in touch with us through one of the options on the CONTACT page or book a visit our factory.

Step 2

One of our project managers will contact you so that we can best decide together what parts you need for your project.

Step 3

You place an OFFER REQUEST for the parts you need. Once the specifics of the order are agreed, it goes through the various production stages at Delcase, then delivery as per contract.

Parts and Automation systems

Parts produced by Delcase

Parts produced by Delcase


The parts you need for your project are here at Delcase!

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Over 200,000 mechanical parts produced
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Over 800 clients and suppliers
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4800 completed orders last year